Thursday, July 29, 2010


Upon arriving S called me and said he was waiting for me at the bar and said he was wearing a yellow polo. I walked inside and spotted the yellow polo (good thing he gave me his shirt color) and tapped him on the shoulder. Since this was my first date with eHarmony I wasn’t sure if this guy was going to look anything like his picture, I think I fed into the rumors that people look nothing like what they do in their profile pictures. But, I was pleasantly surprised that he looked the same- although I have to say he looked like his third or fourth picture. No judgment on my part though, I mean my profile picture is the best out of the three pictures I posted of myself.
I think I thought the initial meeting would be awkward, but not at all…relieved! We sat and made quick small talk before I dived into my heating questions- how long had he been on eHarmony. Maybe I should take a step back and give you a little more info on this guy, he’s 31 and from an area jest west of where I live. He said he had been on eHarmony for about six months and said he was over meeting girls in bars. Okay, I can totally appreciate that, I feel the same way.

We started talking and I kid you not within like the first 15 minutes of our conversation he comes out with the fact that he’s on a 600-700 calorie diet. REALLY…I mean by no means would I call this guy fit or trim for that matter. I do want you to know though that I don’t think he kept the 600 calorie that night. The beers alone probably equated to more than 600 calories I'm guessing. He said he was doing it to drop weight quick, okay buddy not sure if this would be the best approach and I hate to say I'm not sure it was working for him.

I won't go into any more detail on this date, I feel like you understand where this date is heading. He was my trial date the rest will get easier, but now atleast I have one underneath my belt.

I give him a side guy and say something like thanks I had a good time and then I'm on my way. He says he'll give me a call, but I try to just start walking to my car.

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