Monday, July 26, 2010

Stepping Outside the Dating Box

Okay, so after my mom and sister helped me fill out the questionnaires and I send over my credit card number the match was on. Yes, you read that sister and mom helped me with the process, sometimes you just need a good support system and I think they thought that if they weren’t there I wouldn’t go through with it. Well, it has been a month and I’m happy to report that I have stuck with it. So back to day one, the first feed of men came in my email inbox right away. Wow, I like how this all works out! I opened the first profile and you wouldn’t believe it…they matched me with a guy I had been on several dates with last year, but it just didn’t work out. I mean seriously in the whole scheme of things it wasn’t that big of a deal, but as one of my first matches I was in shock. One because after filling out all of that info I was tired and basically wanted the man of my dreams to be in my inbox just waiting for me to click on his profile. It wasn’t and although this guy was nice we just weren’t compatible. We went on two dates and for the second date I had to come up with a list of things to talk about because he wasn’t much of a talker. Then the second guys profile was this guy I had seen before and the third a 23 year old. I mean he’s just a baby and my brother’s age which would be just too weird. After I get myself together and give myself a little pep talk to get back in the game and not be on the phone with a customer service rep from eHarmony wanting to get off I get a phone call from my sister…yes she hightailed it out of there right after I hit sent. She was like the guy you did go out on a date, although not your type, clearly a nice guy which he was so she was like if anything it should make you feel better knowing that other decent guys are probably on this thing too. She’s right…and so the beat goes on.

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