Friday, August 13, 2010

Nobody Said It Was Easy...

So, whoever said this dating game was easy? If so, I would love to speak with them. Humorous…yes, tiring…yes, makes you questions yourself…yes, but easy does not fit in the equation for me.

With that being said date #3 was last night! I had actually been taking with this guy since the 4th of July…I know more than a month of communication back and forth and last night was the first night we met in person. I was excited to actually see if this guy existed. To his defense he travels a lot with his job. We chatted on the phone several times. Just based on conversation I gathered that he was really professional, career driven, but overall nice guy. I honestly felt like the conversation was strained at times, but then again we had never met before in person and he could’ve not been a phone person. So, when he asked me out for drinks I agreed and we planned on meeting at a bar at 7 p.m.

Okay, how did I feel about the date going in? I think honestly I was just looking forward to meeting the guy because he was like the first guy from my matches that I felt like okay this guy may be compatible with me. But, based on the conversations we had this guy seemed a little more serious than myself and articulate. So, I felt the need to open the dictionary and learn a few words before our date…did I know, but I thought it could’ve been a good idea. Although, probably after one drink I would’ve forgotten the words I learned! Oh well, I’ve gotten to the point where I’m like take me as I am… and if a guy likes that great, if not there is always someone else out there. At least I try to have this mentality other times not going to lie, I’m like why haven’t I meant someone yet. But, enough with the pity party at least I’m being proactive and getting out and dating and that’s what it’s all about!

So, for a little download before the date I get off of work a little later than I had expected and traffic was terrible. I got home washed my face and re straightened my hair and grabbed my clutch purse (I figured I didn’t want to expose him to my big purses yet) and was out the door. Traffic was a beast, so I called him at 5 till 7 p.m. and said I was running late, but he was in the same situation, so I felt better. I got to the bar, which is parked next to a library, so when I tried to park the parking guy was like you can’t park in the lot until the library is closed, so I had to either park in the lot or valet. Well, I was already running late, so I figured I would just valet. I walk in and scope out the place and he wasn’t there. I take a seat at the bar and try to make myself look busy. The bartender comes up and I say I was meeting someone, so I would hold off on a drink for the time being. Well, a few more minutes pass and he’s still not there, so I decide to run to the restroom and do a quick check of myself. Looking good! I reapply gloss and brush my hair and hope the guy is there…he’s not. So, I sit at the same spot I was before do a little look around and there is this guy sitting several bar stools down and he looks at me and is like, “have you ever been here before.” I reply with, “yes,” I mean do I look that scattered?! Anyways, I’m thinking to myself may be I should just order a drink instead of looking awkward sitting at the bar. So, I order a glass of wine and right as I pull out my card to pay the guy walks in. He said that he would take care of it and he orders himself a gin and tonic and we find a place to sit.

First impressions, he looked very similar to his profile picture, may be a little shorter than he said on his profile, but not too bad. He was nice looking, very professional (I know I describe as this a lot- but seriously no other words to describe him). We sat and made a little small talk, about work and personal life. We had like a flirty sarcastic convo back and forth, not sure, but that’s what it felt like. Although, when we talked about what we liked to do in our spare time, he would always be like well I like doing this but I never have time because I work a lot. Which is fine, but seems like this guy is too busy to have a relationship.

So, the night is finally coming to an end. He runs to the restroom real quick and then comes back. And, I’m not sure what happened from the time he left the table to the time he came back from the bathroom, but when he came back it was like a rush of eharm questions. Maybe he wanted to get the download before the date ended not sure. It was like a rush of why are you on? How many dates? How many matches have you gotten? Have you been on multiple dates with the same person? I mean what’s the deal? I answer his questions and then turn the tables on him. This is what his response was a) he’s been on eharm for 6 months and not sure now if he believes in the process (ok then why are you still on), b) he has like over 1,000 matches (wow- are you trying to show off buddy), c) b/c he gets so many matches he only clicks on people that have interesting names (ok I have a fairly common name so I’m not sure if I really buy that). Okay, so this is how the nights going to end I’m thinking? He closes his tab and we walk out, then he says to me he’ll wait for me to get my car from the valet since I’m too good to park in the deck. Was he trying to be funny with that comment- if so I wasn’t buying it. The valet guy brought my car around and I get in to find that the seat was wet from his sweat…yuck! I mean I know its summer and I appreciate the guys effort to be speedy and run to get my car, but I could’ve done w/o the sweat.

Well, I have a feeling that I probably won’t hear from this guy again, but at least I can say that I’ve met him in person. I mean I guess they do say you have to meet a lot before you find the right one…not sure how long this will take, but I’m trying to remain optimistic. Verdict for this weekend, I’m taking off of eharm for a few days and having a few drinks! You never know maybe I’ll come back from the weekend and have met someone in the bar or something…I know wishful thinking!!!

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