Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I like It

Okay, so #2! This guy I was really excited about...from his profile he seemed like a perfect match for me. I mean everything in his profile was what I was looking for...he liked to workout, was looking to keep balance in his life, etc. I mean I can not tell you how excited I was about this one ...and I forgot to mention a major detail...he was so cute!! I was so excited for our date this past week. We met at a little local tapas type restaurant after work. I thought he did a good job, no chain restaurant and it was really close to where I live as well.

I had enough time to take another shower and get ready for the date. I have a new song to get me ready for my dates...Enrique Iglesias- I Like It! Had a little dance party in my room to calm the nerves and I was set to go!

In one of our previous questions to each other you have to fill out must haves and can't stands, he said one of his dislikes was people not being punctual (I'm usually always running a few minutes behind), but I was so proud of myself I got there with 5 minutes to spare!  I was walking through the parking lot and I saw him in the car. It's funny looking back on it because we both gave each other like an awkward wave. We met each other outside the restaurant. I got there a few minutes to spare and I kid you not, I was like "Wow! This guy is really nice looking!" I was looking forward to getting to know him and meeting him in person.

We sat down and started chatting, he ordered an appetizer and we ordered a few drinks. But, what seemed like a good time totally turned out to be something different. He started talking about the fact that he didn't like cheese on his pizza because it would give him high cholesterol...I mean I was hoping he would say maybe he was lactose! But high in cholesterol? I'm totally all about being healthy, but I think  he would make me a little obsessive about what I eat. Then he said that the area we lived in the people were too judgemental. It actually turned out to be an exhausting date to say the least and by the end of the date my moral was not very high..let alone my confidence level. After an awkward side hug and "We should do this again," I walked to my car and headed home. I called my mom and sister (my go to date critiques) and dished about the evening.

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