Sunday, May 23, 2010

Way to Make an Impression

Lately, I just feel like I'm spinning tires and not getting anywhere. I mean I feel like I'm moving, but without any progress, sleeping in, forgetting things...what gives? I'm in a serious need of a vaca! Thankfully a beach trip is headed my way in less than two weeks!

There was a point to my above note in moving and not making any progress in that I had overslept on Friday till 8 AM! Mind you I have to be at work at 8:30 AM and I was leaving work early in the afternoon for a community service event, which meant that I had to get all of my work done in a half day. So this is the start to my Friday....

Luckily, the outfit was a no brainer. We are required to wear our company community service t-shirts to our volunteer event, so I was basically set to go in no time. I hop in my car and get ready to head to work when I realize that I had forgotten my banana on the counter and as I contemplated forgoing the banana I figured what would another minute be if I was already running late.

I decided to make a run for my apartment door not sure why I think I thought I would be saving time. I park in a parking deck and most of the cars were already gone so I was running over the empty parking spots. Well as I am in mid stride this silver truck comes around the corner and is trying to park in one of the spots that I'm running across (I know not a very classy move on my part- definitely not cool, calm and collected). So, I try to move out of his way and he gives me the go ahead to continue over his spot, probably for the shear joy in seeing me make a FOOL of myself as I'm running across the parking deck in my neon company community servicee shirt...ahhh the visual was probably making his morning, because I probably looked like a spaz!

Well, good news I got my banana and was making my way back to my car...I decide that may be power walking would be better than a full on sprint at this point. I was hoping to not run into the guy on my way back, but because of my record timing I pass him as he's coming in the entrance to our apartments. And he was so cute! Why is it that whenever you don't want the guy to be cute he is! I gave him a little smile and said, "sorry about that." He was like, "no problem." So, first impression with the cute guy in my apartment complex neon t-shirt girl sprinting and all for a banana!

With that I'm off to sleep.

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  1. Well at least you might be "unforgettable" to him and forever be the "spazzed girl in the neon shirt".